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  • Nick Cox

From Crib to Cross

Yesterday morning in Southside we were looking at Mark 15: the final events leading up to and then the crucifixion and death of Jesus. And during the talk I confessed that initially I wasn’t quite sure how it would feel (preaching on the crucifixion during Advent) but of how, during both my prep and delivery, it ended up seeming absolutely right. Because – and I may touch some more on this later in the month – the crib was always going to lead to the cross; and we can’t celebrate one without the other.

And so today I simply wanted to find a way in which, with as few of my words as possible, we might reflect on this incredible truth: that shadowing the crib of Bethlehem is the cross of Calvary. And then this morning I was listening to Phil Wickham’s song Living Hope, which contains the following words:

The God of ages stepped down from glory [Crib]

To wear my sin and bear my shame [Cross]

And so on this third day of advent can I invite you to begin a daily reflection for the next three weeks: a reflection not only on the crib and the festivities that will be coming many of our ways over the course of this month, but on the death that the Bethlehem baby was always moving towards…

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