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HOLY WEEK // The Silence

Holy Saturday—a day of quiet reflection nestled between the sorrow of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday. Today, let's pause to consider the significance of "The Silence."

Imagine the emotions of those who followed Jesus closely, now facing the reality of his death. Their hopes shattered, their dreams deferred. Confusion, grief, and uncertainty fill their hearts.

In our lives, we too encounter moments of silence—unanswered prayers, deferred dreams, doubts looming large. Where is God in our pain? How do we navigate the silence of unanswered prayers?

Yet, even in the silence, there is beauty. Here, we're invited to trust in the unseen, to embrace the mystery of God's presence. Resurrection isn't just a future hope; it's a present reality. New life stirs beneath the surface, even in our darkest moments.

So, let's not rush past the silence. Let's embrace it, allowing it to refine our faith and deepen our trust. Easter Sunday awaits, promising hope and renewal.

May we journey through this Holy Saturday with open hearts, trusting that even in the silence, God is at work, bringing forth beauty from ashes.

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